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We believe receiving files should be a simple, seamless experience. With the vast variety of cloud storage providers, it can get difficult sharing files with friends, family and clients. Filepiper aims to resolve this issue by allowing upload to any of your cloud storage accounts by simply visiting a website. A website you create a name for. This eliminates the need to have a cloud storage account, all they need is a computer!

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Link your dropbox account and start receiving files within minutes. Dropbox support will be added soon!

Google Drive

We support files of up to 5GB, and best of all, we also support resumable uploads! Once your account is linked, you can create an upload link withing seconds.



Receiving files directly to your Onedrive has never been this simple.


You can setup your shares to expire, giving you complete control.

What our users say

Send your feedback to hello@filepiper.com and get an additional 5GB FREE!

"Receiving files from our clients is always a tough ask, especially for larger files. Filepiper has helped us simplify this problem, enabling direct uploads directly to our Google Drive."
Mynke Labuschagne
Brandbiz, South Africa
"I work with people in different countries all over the world. Receiving files is always a mission, but Filepiper has simplified that quite a bit. Excited to see what this product holds for the future."
Brendan Penny
Coolboost Systems

Filepiper Pricing

We are still in Beta, registering NOW will earn you our standard package free, FOREVER!

  • Free
  • Get things done, fast.
  • FREE (Unavailable)
  • 200MB Transfer
  • 12 Hour Link Expiry
  • 1 Cloud Account
  • Standard
  • Best value for money.
    Start NOW and stay on this plan forever, free of charge!
  • Free for now
    $30 / Year if you register after beta stage
  • 10 GB Transfer
  • Full Control Over Link Expiry
  • 4 Cloud Accounts
  • Unlimited Shares
  • Priority Support
  • Get Started!
  • Premium
  • For Serious Transfers
  • $60 / Year (Unavailable)
  • 100 GB Transfer
  • Full Control Over Link Expiry
  • Unlimited Cloud Accounts
  • Unlimited Shares
  • Priority Support

We love hearing from our users. Send us your feedback to hello@filepiper.com and receive an additional 5GB of data !

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